Maintaining Your Water Heater in 3 Simple Steps



Believe it or not, you can perform maintenance on your own water heater. Why perform maintenance? Well, it can help you prevent fire hazards, clean the water heater and extend the lifetime of your system. Put simply, it’ll help save you lots of money in the long run.

Let’s get started…

Step 1: keep the area around the water heater clear. This will help prevent it from gathering dust, dirt and debris that can get into the system and clog it up or cause major fire hazards.

Step 2: wipe down the exterior of the tank and vacuum up around the system. Pay close attention to the screen at the bottom which tends to suck in lint, dirt and debris. When it gets plugged up, your water heater can’t breathe and it won’t function properly.

Step 3: flush out the sediment that accumulates over the course of the year. Take a bucket and place it under the drain at the bottom of the heater. Open it up and pull about a gallon or two of water out of it. This will help extend the lifetime of your system.

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