How To Properly Shut Down Your Home's Heating System


If you haven’t stopped using your heat yet, you’ll likely only need it for a few more weeks. Spring has officially sprung and warmer temperatures will be making their way into the Twin Cities in no time. With that said, it’s important to shut down your home’s heating system the right way so there are no surprises when you need it again next fall.


  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the pilot light. Unless you manually turn it off, the pilot light remains lit all the time and if it’s not fueling another appliance, you don’t need to be wasting money by leaving it on around the clock.

  2. Change over from the “heat” setting to the “cool” setting on the thermostat. If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, take this time to input your new temperature settings so that you’re comfortable all spring and summer long.

  3. Clean or replace the filter now and it’ll be one less thing you need to remember when we transition from summer to fall.

  4. Clean up the area around your furnace. Keep in mind there should be at least 3 feet of space around the unit and it’s a good idea to vacuum up dust and debris that may have collected.

  5. Take this as a reminder to schedule HVAC maintenance to make sure your cooling system will be ready when it’s put to work in the upcoming weeks.

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