5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Plumber



You wouldn’t just go to a car dealership and choose any old car off the lot, right? So, why would you consider hiring a plumber without doing any research first? A trusted professional is the key to success when it comes to any project, so here’s what you need to ask to make sure your plumber is right for the job:

  1. Are you licensed? If a plumber can’t show you the proper credentials, run. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t necessarily run, but this is a clear indication that this company is not qualified to do the job and unlicensed, unregistered or uninsured “professionals” can cost you lots of money in the long run.

  2. Is this the final cost? It’s always a good idea to get an estimate in writing before any work begins. And while there are some things that just can’t be predicted upfront, they should be able to give you an accurate estimate of the cost in the very beginning.

  3. When do you want payment? Some plumbers want the money upfront, some will collect payment after the project has been completed and some will be a combination of both. Regardless, knowing ahead of time can help you budget and make sure you make timely payments.

  4. Who will be doing the work? Sometimes, a master plumber will show up to take a look at the project, but then send a rookie back to do the work. It’s important to find out who will be showing up so you can make sure they send the right person for the job and that you’ll know exactly who to expect.

  5. Do you have any references or testimonials? Sure, any plumber can tell you they’re the best in town, but if they don’t have any proof, chances are they’re not quite telling the truth. Are most of their customers happy with the work? Would they use the plumber again?

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