Quick Fixes For a Leaky Pipe


The first thing you should do when you notice a pipe is leaking is to get a hold of a plumber. However, finding a reliable plumber who’s ready to roll as soon as your call comes in is not always the case, so you may find yourself in a slippery situation. You’ve got water leaking all over the house and you don’t have much time to lose. What can you do?

Since the solutions below are only temporary, we DO NOT recommend relying on them instead of calling in a plumber. But when you’re in a pinch, they could alleviate some of the issues commonly caused by leaky pipes:

  1. Epoxy compound: while they don’t work on all types of pipes, you can plug up some leaks with an epoxy compound until the plumber arrives to replace it. They work best on cast iron pipes and while a minor repair might be all that is needed to solve the problem, you may want to consider replacing old pipes altogether.

  2. Clamps: pipe clamps are often used on aircraft carriers and submarines, so they’ll likely be able to contain your leaky pipe until the plumber comes in to save the day.

  3. Wraps: you can wrap a piece of rubber around the leaking section of the pipe to keep the leak under control. Once you’ve wrapped it, use a C-clamp and small blocks of wood to make sure the rubber is wrapped tightly in place. Don’t have old rubber tubes lying around? An old garden hose will suffice.

  4. Sleeves: have a pinhole or joint leak? Repair sleeves work best with smaller cracks, but if they’re left too long, the problem can spread.

A leaky pipe is an issue that should not be treated lightly. Call on the expert plumbers at Uptown right away and we’ll make it a point to get to you as quickly as possible. After all, fast service is a top priority.