End of Season Air Conditioner Check List


End of Season Air Conditioner Check List

With the end of summer approaching something to think about is getting your Air Conditioner ready for the end of the season. There are several steps you can do to protect your air conditioner unit for the coming season to maximize the life span of your unit.

1. Remove dirt, leaves, or debris in the area surround the outdoor unit.

When debris gets into the unit it can cause moisture to build up that can eventually lead to damage to your unit.

2. Clean off all the build up of debris on outside coils of unit

Use a soft dry cloth or a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dirt and debris. Most homeowners use a water hose to clean the outside coils, but using a water hose is a bad idea because the water can cause a short in a wire.

3.    3. Do not cover your Air Conditioner unit

Covering your air conditioner unit can create a nice home for mice and other rodents that can bring significant damage to your air conditioner unit. You also can trap moisture in your unit if you cover it and this can also cause damage to your air conditioner.

4.   4. Change or clean filter with in the Air Conditioner unit

Most filters are designed to changed or cleaned once a month. Replacing the filter will help eliminate dust, dirt, and pet hair that has accumulated while running your air conditioner. Also take time to double check to make sure that you are using a compatible filter designated for your unit.

These helpful hints will help you get your air conditioning unit ready for the upcoming seasons and also maximize the efficiently of your unit for the future.

Minneapolis-St.Paul Air Conditioning Tune-Ups


Why Are Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Important?

You always hear about having your air conditioner tuned-up each year. But the major question is why is important to get an air conditioner tune-up? And what is all included in an air conditioning tune up?

It is very important to have regular maintenance done on your air conditioner with filter changes and annual tune-ups. Air conditioner maintenance is often skipped, and unfortunately it can cause a great expense to homeowners. By maintaining your air conditioner you can save money on energy and also extend the life of your air conditioning unit. 

Having the annual tune up will have your AC unit operating at roughly 100% efficiency. Each year that passes without a tune-up, you can lose up to 5% of the original efficiency and this cost can haunt you on your electricity bill.

           Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

  • Check thermostat calibration    
  • Monitor refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Test air conditioner safety controls
  • Clean and check condenser coil to increase efficiency
  • Check for proper air filtration
  • Measure for correct air flow
  • Lubricate all moving parts to reduce wear
  • Inspect evaporator coil for efficiency

Air conditioner units are very expensive, so taking every opportunity to save money will help you create a happy future for your home. Also, you’ll get to live life in a comfortable temperature controlled house because you remembered to maintain your air conditioner.

A Leaking Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired ASAP


If you notice water or condensation on your water heater you need to fix the problem before a little water becomes a flood

All manufacturers recommend you have an annual inspection on your water heater. A professional plumber will inspect the condition of all the components to make sure your water heater is operating safely and efficiently. A water heater that is leaking is a sure sign that something is not right and needs to be repaired or replaced soon.

Fix Leaking Plumbing – Conserve Water!


Fix Leaking PlumbingAlthough Minnesota is the Land Of 10,000 Lakes we all still need to be concerned about water conservation

What seems like a minor leak may surprise you in the amount of water and energy lost. Just look at the following examples of simple leaks and the amount of water that is wasted daily. When you multiply the daily amount over weeks, months or years you understand the   magnitude of waste from what seems like a small problem.

What Size Water Heater Do You Need?


How to get the best hot water heater model for your Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN area home and family’s needs

Families and homes come in all shapes and sizes. When you need to replace your water heater, you need to consider your current and future needs to get the right water heater. Your individual needs and hot water usage will dictate what type and what size of water heater is best for your home. Consider these items when you are determining what water is best for your home

Air Conditioning Maintenance And Tune-ups For St. Paul, Minneapolis MN Area Homes


Central Air Conditioning Maintenance And Tune Up ServicesHello, I’m Josh Savage, Owner of Uptown Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Uptown has been helping homeowners keep their air conditioning systems running reliably and efficiently for almost 100 years. We specialize in all makes and models of central air conditioning equipment. I want you to learn why it’s important to have a certified technician maintain and tune-up your homes air conditioner to ensure it is running reliably and efficiently before the summer heat arrives.

Air Conditioning Systems For Hot Water Heated St. Paul, Minneapolis MN Area Homes


Hello, I’m Josh Savage, Owner of Uptown Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. We specialize in home cooling services for all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. I want to explain options for air conditioning systems for homes with radiators, baseboard, steam or hot water heating.

We get some pretty hot days in Minnesota in the summer time, there ARE  options for homeowners without air ducts to get an air conditioning system to keep your family comfortable

Uptown’s Air Conditioning Services can help you with any of the options available. The right system for home depends primarily on your needs, your homes architecture and your budget. The basic 3 options for homes without traditional air duct work are: