Celebrate Earth Day 2015 With Us!


We’re making a pledge to help the planet, are you? Despite lackluster attempts to “Go Green”, Earth Day is more important now than ever before. Therefore, we want to stress the importance of conserving water because every little bit counts. So, how can you pitch in? A few small adjustments can really make a big impact, so see below to find out what you can do:



Outdoor Tips:


  • Have a rain sensor installed on your irrigation system so that your sprinklers don’t turn on when it’s raining.

  • Put the runoff from your gutters and HVAC systems to good use. Direct it to your thirsty plants and gardens rather than letting it trickle down the driveway or street.

  • Now is the perfect time to plant and do some gardening. Most flowers and plants require less water in the spring.

Indoor Tips:

  • If your toilet flapper doesn’t seem to be working properly, replace it right away. Broken flappers can lead to wasted water in the bowl.

  • Put on your favorite 5-minute song while you shower. Limiting shower time to 5 minutes or less can help you save up to 1,000 gallons of water per month.

  • Check your toilet for leaks. You can do so by adding a few drops of food coloring to your tank. If you notice the food coloring in the bowl, it means you have a leak.

Even the slightest drips can turn into major plumbing problems down the road. Make sure you do your part to help contribute to a “greener” planet and if you notice any leaky pipes or faucets, be sure to call on Uptown immediately.

#TuesdayTips: Getting Your Home Ready For Spring


What’s next on your spring cleaning to-do list? Is it cleaning the bathroom? Is it tidying up the kitchen or living? While these are both important for getting your house in tip-top shape, have you given any attention to your plumbing system? After a long, cold winter it’s important to make sure your pipes, drains and garden hoses are ready for the new season.

Where can you start? You can check the toilet to make sure the flusher is working properly and you can look for drips underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks, but don’t forget about your exterior plumbing. For a few tips on getting the yard up to par, see below:

  • Freezing temperatures and any stagnant water in your outdoor hose line is a recipe for disaster. Check the hose bibs and water supply pipes to make sure nothing has cracked.

  • ‘Tis the season for sump pumps to go to work. Saturated grounds mixed with “April showers” can cause flooding in your basement so make sure your pumps are ready to handle the excess water. You can test it with a few buckets of water.

  • Make sure your yard drains and gutters are flowing freely. Leaves, dirt and debris can cause clogs which will prevent water from draining properly.

  • Call on your local plumber to complete a walk-through. There may be some things that you overlooked or didn’t notice that needed some extra attention. That’s where we come in!

Contact Uptown Plumbing today to schedule your next appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’ll make sure your home is ready to take on the warmer temperatures spring has to offer!

Show Off Your Stunning Yard With Landscape Lighting


You’ve raked the leaves, you’ve picked up all the sticks and you’ve fertilized your lawn. When it comes to spring cleaning and getting your yard ready, you’re the man. But why let all of your hard work go to waste when the sun goes down? Keep it shining all night long with landscape lighting done right.

Most landscape lighting is reduced to low-voltage but don’t worry, that’s all you really need. Compared to the normal 120-volt household current, exterior lighting usually runs at a much safer 12 volts. Brightness, color and beam width all vary with the type of bulbs you use and with a proper lighting design plan, you can accentuate any of your outdoor features.


Installation Process

If you’re looking for a very basic layout, most homeowners can install their own lighting fixtures in a weekend. But if you’re looking for a more exquisite plan, it’s best to leave it to the pros. How much does it cost? The best answer is, it varies. You can purchase single fixtures for around $20 and you can have a whole system installed by an expert from around $2,000 and up depending on your preferences.

Placing Your Fixtures
We recommend incorporating lights at the base of your trees, in or around planting beds or gardens and around your outdoor patio space. This way, you’ll be able to highlight beautiful foliage, create a focal point on your gardening ability and provide the perfect amount of lighting to set the mood when hanging out in your backyard.

Need help choosing fixtures or coming up with a design that will work well in your yard? The expert electricians at Uptown are more than happy to assist you. Simply give us a call at 612-424-4611 today!

Incorporate A Farmhouse Sink Into Your Minneapolis Kitchen


Say goodbye to your dirty, outdated kitchen sink and say hello to a beautiful new farmhouse sink. If you’re looking to add a charming vintage look to your cooking space, this is the perfect solution. It’s about time you took pride in your kitchen and enjoyed cooking once again!

Whether you have a traditional or a modern kitchen, there is a farmhouse sink for you. They come in a variety of design options and materials that will help make your kitchen stand out. Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s important to do a bit of research before making your purchase.


  • Wide base and deep basin minimize splashing

  • Accommodates large pots and pans

  • Installed farther forward than a standard sink so it’s closer to your work space

  • Creates a focal point in your kitchen


  • Can be pricey depending on size and material

  • More difficult to install than other sink models

  • Sometimes requires a special base cabinet

Overall, we love the look a farmhouse sink brings to kitchens. When you decide on a model, give Uptown a call and we’ll help you with the installation process. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 612-424-4611.

Get Your Home & Yard Ready For Spring


What do you have on your spring cleaning checklist? Did you make a note to get your kitchen and bathroom in order? How about checking your outdoor plumbing to make sure it’s ready for the season? While you’re in “cleaning mode” it’s important to consider the following, to make sure your home is ready for spring and summer:

Kitchen Cabinets

Although it’s not a project that must be completed during the spring, it’s a good idea to take care of it now while you’re thinking about the kitchen. Whether you have old under-cabinet lighting that needs to be replaced or want to brighten up the kitchen to make better use of your countertops, consider LED adhesive tape. This is a great budget-friendly solution that will make your cabinets and countertops stand out this season.

Faucet Upgrade
If you’re cleaning your kitchen and notice that the faucet you currently have is outdated, not working properly, or simply won’t come clean it may be time for an upgrade. Although it may not be your biggest concern, a stylish new faucet can create a nice focal point in your kitchen. Need help with the installation? That’s what we’re here for.

Outdoor Plumbing Tips

  • Make sure your gutters and drains aren’t clogged. Leaves and debris can cause them to back up which can create flood conditions in your yard.

  • Check to make sure any pipes or vents that lead outside are clear. Birds have a tendency to build nests in these areas.

  • Take a look at your outdoor faucets and hose bibs. If you notice any leaks you may need to call in a plumber for backup. Leaky faucets and hose bibs can cause your water bills to skyrocket.

Need help getting your plumbing system ready for spring? Call on the experts at Uptown, we’ve been servicing the Twin Cities for over 100 years so you know you can count on us! Give us a call today at 651-315-7510 to schedule an appointment and don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter!

Get Your Bathroom Sparkling For Spring


Still putting off those spring cleaning chores you’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now? It’s time! Don’t wait any longer, because before you know it they’ll turn into summer cleaning tasks and nobody wants that!


Start with the bathroom, because it probably needs some work. In just about a half hour you can straighten up your overflowing medicine cabinet, get your laundry off the floor and get your shower or tub sparkling! See below for a few tips:

  1. Dust the ceiling and corners: take a look up at your ceiling and the corners of the room. Cobwebs everywhere? This will happen if you putt of dusting for an entire season, but you can simply wet a cloth and get to work.

  2. Deep clean the shower and tub: have a shower curtain? It’s time to take it down and throw it in with a load of laundry. Shower curtains collect soap scum and bacteria each time you shower, so it’s time for a cleaning. Additionally, use natural cleaning solutions to scrub away grime from shower doors and tile.

  3. Scrub the toilet: if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the toilet, now is the perfect time. Remember to clean the handle, the outside of the bowl and the underneath difficult to reach spaces.

  4. Wash down the sink: you made a large investment in a beautiful sink and faucet, don’t let it go to waste. Make sure to get all of the areas that take a beating from dried hand soap and sprayed toothpaste. Have areas that are hard to reach? Cotton swabs will do the trick.

Notice any plumbing problems in your bathroom while cleaning? Call on the expert plumbers at Uptown right away. Remember, a small problem can lead to a major plumbing disaster down the road, so don’t put it off like the rest of your spring cleaning activities!

Join Us For The 23rd Annual Home Improvement Fair!


Join us this Saturday, April 11th, for the 23rd Annual Macalester-Groveland and Highland Park Home Improvement Fair! The event will take place at Cretin Derham Hall (550 South Albert Street, St. Paul, MN) from 9am - 2pm.

If you’re a homeowner in the Twin Cities, this is an event you won’t want to miss! You’ll learn about local home improvement products, services, and/or educational efforts. Does saving money, energy and time on your next project sound like something you’d enjoy? Then check out a few, or all of the workshops!

Uptown Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will be hosting a workshop on Air Conditioning for Homes With Radiators in Room A101 from 12:30 - 1:15pm. This is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to get rid of window air conditioners and learn all about alternative options.

“For houses with radiators, there are three basic alternatives to window air conditioners: large duct systems, small duct systems and ductless systems,” according to Uptown owner Josh Savage. “No one knows old homes better than we do and most customers wish they had switched years ago.”

So come on down to the Home Improvement Fair and find out everything you need to know when it comes to your home’s air conditioning system. For more information give us a call at 612-424-4611 - otherwise, we’ll see you there!

Bad Laundry Habits In The Twin Cities


Because most of us would rather not spend the day doing loads and loads of laundry, we tend to take shortcuts to make it go by faster. However, there are a few common laundry habits that can really take a toll on your machine and leave you “out to dry”. Break bad laundry habits by following the tips below, and increase the lifespan of your washing machine and your home’s plumbing system.

The Overloader

Are you the type of person that fills the washing machine to brim? Cramming all of your clothing into one load may save you some time, but it can really be detrimental to your machine. Some of the telltale signs that your load is in fact too large include loud banging of the drum or the tub during the spin cycle.

A Little Detergent Goes A Long Way
Even when your clothes are extra dirty, you only need a small amount of detergent. Going overboard with the soap won’t make your clothes any cleaner and it can cause pump and drain issues. Even worse, it can cause your machine to leak so stick to the amount recommended on the container.

Don’t Let It Sit
Have the tendency to let a wet load sit? Well, did you know that it only takes a couple of hours for odors, mold and fungus to form? It’s important to take your wet clothes out of the washing machine immediately after the cycle finishes otherwise you should wash the entire load again.

Having a plumbing or electrical problem with your washer or dryer? Call on the experts at Uptown to take a look. We've provided quality service and solutions and are already the trusted choice in thousands of Minneapolis homes when it comes to service needs.

New Water Heater Regulations


If your home’s water heater is around 10 years old or older, you’ll want to pay close attention. There are some big changes coming to water heaters that you need to know about before energy bills increase and the prices of new heaters skyrocket.

Beginning April 15th, 2015 new regulations put in place by the U.S. Department of Energy will go into effect. Water heater manufacturers will be required to meet a new higher energy factor (EF) rating. These regulations will have a major impact on water heaters manufactured after this date including gas-fired, oil-fired, electric, tabletop, instantaneous gas-fired and instantaneous electric.

So, what does this mean to me? Here are a few of the changes that will affect consumers directly:

  • New units can be up to 35% more expensive.

  • In most cases, water heaters will be 2” taller and 2” wider than older models.

  • Installation requirements will be more complicated.

  • If your heater is located in a small space like a closet or attic, you may incur significant home remodeling costs as relocation of the unit may be necessary.

Not sure if your current water heater is up-to-date? Call Uptown and schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We will answer any questions you may have and provide you with options on the next steps.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?


Do you or your family members suffer from seasonal allergies or respiratory problems? Do you stay indoors during the spring to avoid airborne allergens like pollen and hay fever? Did you know that the air you’re breathing inside your home can actually be making the problem worse?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor indoor air quality can be a major health risk. The effects can cause health issues such as colds, headaches and nausea and aggravate the symptoms of people who already suffer from asthma and other allergies. It’s time to fight back - don’t let indoor air get the best of you!

Improving your indoor air quality can help infants and the elderly who have weaker immune systems and it can benefit everyone by allowing you to breathe cleaner, healthier air. How, you may ask? A High Energy Particulate Filter (HEPA) is a great way to improve, as well as maintain, indoor air quality by removing up to 99.7% of harmful airborne particles.

In addition to HEPA filters, Germicidal UV Lamps help to sterilize and kill airborne particles that can spread diseases. They are often used in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation and they can now be installed in your home.

Interested in improving the quality of the air you breathe indoors? Give Uptown a call today to speak with a professional. We’re waiting to hear from you!