Celebrate World Plumbing Day!


Are you celebrating World Plumbing Day? We are! And to show our appreciation and love for the industry we have put together a few plumbing reminders that you and your family should be practicing on a daily basis.



Conserve Water!

  • Did you know that on average about 14% of indoor water use is lost to leaks? It is extremely important to take a survey of your home and have any leaky faucets, drains or shower heads repaired immediately.

  • Switch over to a low-flow shower head. By doing so, you can save about 15 gallons of water for every 10 minute shower you or a family member takes.

  • There’s a big difference between front-loading and top-loading washing machines. Believe it or not, top-loaders can use up to 20 gallons more water per load.

Flush This, Not That!

  • Toilet tissue and human waste are the only two things meant to be flushed down the toilet.

  • Refrain from flushing other objects such as cotton swabs, dental floss and baby wipes as they are difficult to break down and can clog the drain.

  • Remember to instill proper flushing habits in your children at a young age. Kids tend to experiment by flushing anything they can get their hands on and this can lead to major plumbing problems.

Need a professional plumber? Call on Uptown Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs - we’ve been serving the Twin Cities for over 100 years, putting customer satisfaction as a top priority. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Get Rid Of Your Winter Blues With High-Impact, Low-Cost Home Upgrades


Got a case of the winter blues? Well, we’ve got something to keep you busy for the few remaining cold weeks. With these high-impact, low-cost upgrades you’ll be able to enjoy a crisp makeover once spring rolls around.

Let’s start with the bathroom. For a place in your home when you spend a majority of your time, small upgrades can really make a big impact - and now you can do so without spending a fortune. Did you know that you can find a Carrara marble vanity top for as low as $79? Sounds crazy, right? You just need to do a bit of searching and keep an eye out for sales!


Taking out your old vanity top and replacing it with a great find, like the one mentioned above, and swapping out your old sink for an undermount sink can really make a difference. Additionally, try painting the walls and if you have an old, musty shower curtain it needs to go!


Just like your bathroom, your kitchen can really benefit from a few small upgrades. Something as small as replacing a single appliance, like your microwave or dishwasher, can really create a focal point. Paint the room a different color and it can feel like you have a brand new kitchen altogether.  

Need assistance with the plumbing during your upgrade? Give Uptown Plumbing, Heating and Cooling a call - we’ll be glad to help you out! We’ve been serving the Minneapolis - St. Paul area for 100 years and there’s no job we can’t handle.

Join The $10 Happy Home ClubSM Today!


Who actually wants to remember that they must complete a whole bunch of maintenance tasks on their plumbing, heating and cooling equipment each month? Let alone remember to call a local technician to come by to make sure all of the equipment is running smoothly. Well, with Uptown’s $10 Happy Home Club, we take care of everything for you and you don’t even have to call!

Here’s what you’ll receive when you become a member:


High-Performance Tune-up of Your Heating and Cooling Systems:

  • Carbon monoxide safety testing

  • Total system inspection and tune-up

  • Inspection of heat exchanger (heating unit)

  • Cleaning of outdoor coil and burners

  • System pressures checked

  • Oil and lubricate motors

Priority Scheduling: Hate waiting at the end of the line for an appointment. When you become a member, you’ll never have to wait again. You become our priority and jump to the front of the line when you call! 

A Trusted Professional on Your Home Service Team. Your technician is not only trained to care for your equipment, he’s trained to care for you and your home. You’ll take comfort in knowing our technicians are drug tested and background approved. 

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Whole House Water Filtration Systems In The Twin Cities


How clean is the water in your home? Did you ever wonder what actually comes out of your faucet when you turn on the water? Believe it or not, you water could be contaminated with chlorine and other chemicals that pose a threat to your health.

So how can you eliminate chemicals and purify your water? The answer is simple - a whole house water filtration system. There are a number of benefits of having a system installed, and we’re highlighting a few of them below:

  • You’ll receive clean, filtered water from every faucet in the house.

  • Chlorine and other chemicals can become embedded in clothing during washing. A filtration system will prevent this from happening.

  • Using a whole house water filter helps generate much healthier water.

  • Unfiltered water can have carcinogenic effects which can be detrimental to your health.

For more information about the benefits of a whole house water filtration system, contact Uptown Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We can help you enjoy the purest water at home in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.

Testimonial Spotlight


What do you look for when choosing a service technician? To us, it’s important to understand what our customers are looking for so we can provide them with the best possible experience. That’s why we put great service along with the highest levels of professionalism and knowledge at the forefront of our business. See what some of our customers have said about our work:

“Uptown has always provided me with great service. I especially appreciate the attention given to customer service.”


“Sean, our main service tech for our furnace was very friendly and courteous. He took the time to explain what they did and to show us how to work our new furnace.”


“We called Uptown on a Thursday night and they were able to have a tech out to us the next morning. Dave was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was respectful and took good care of our home while removing the old water heater and installing the new one. We highly recommend Uptown Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling and would use them again.”


“Andy was great! Happy, courteous, and very professional. I was very grateful to have someone so knowledgeable and friendly help me at a stressful time.”


When you choose Uptown Plumbing, Heating & Cooling these are just a few of the qualities you can expect. We've been providing quality home service solutions for 100 years, since 1914, so you know you're working with experienced professionals.

The St. Paul Saints Go Green


Green grass, blue skies and the diamond. What’s better than spending an afternoon at the ballpark? The St. Paul Saints have taken an initiative to "Go Green" and their new ballpark in Lowertown will be among the greenest athletic facilities in the country.

Utilizing rainwater in the toilets and a state-of-the-art solar system to power the scoreboard are just two of the features that make the St. Paul’s new stadium among the greenest in the country. In addition to the plumbing system, rainwater will be captured and used to irrigate the field.

Why pay for electricity when you can use the sun? The ballpark’s new scoreboard will include 300 solar panels that will convert sunlight into electricity. “A $555,750 grant from Xcel Energy will cover most of the cost of one of the largest onsite solar panel arrays at a major sports stadium in the nation. The 300 panels are expected to power 12 percent of the ballpark.”


According to TwinCities.com, “The $300,000 rainwater system was funded by the Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Fund, the Met Council and the Capitol Region Watershed District. It is expected to save the ballpark $1,600 annually.”


So grab your baseball caps and your glove and head out to a game this summer knowing that Minnesota is contributing to a greener planet!

Looking for a plumber or an electrician in the Twin Cities? Look no further, Uptown has got you covered! Give us a call today at 612-424-4611 to schedule an appointment!

Quiet The Noise: Steam Radiators


Clanging, whistling and banging driving you crazy? Steam radiators are notorious for making a great deal of noise, but you don’t have to live with it any longer! See below to find out how to quiet the noise in your old Minneapolis - St. Paul home:

Problem #1: Banging and Knocking

You hear banging and knocking sounds constantly, but where are they coming from? It’s most-likely due to condensed steam (water) trapped in the pipes. In this type of radiator, steam rushes through pushing water forward at high speeds. The noise you hear, that’s the water hitting up against a valve or elbow.


Solution #1

How can you eliminate this problem? Shim up one end of the radiator so it tips back toward the boiler. This will prevent water from settling inside the system.


Problem #2: Squeaks and Whistling

This issue is a bit more complex. Squeaking and whistling is a result of the air vent attached to the pipe at the bottom of the radiator. These sounds are an indication that it needs to be replaced. If you have $10 or $15 you’re in luck!


Solution #2

If you’re handy, you’ll be able to solve this problem on your own. Make sure the thermostat is all the way down so the heating system is off. Cover the old air vent with a thick cloth and twist it off. Then turn the vent to the left and be careful not to apply any pressure. When the old vent is out, thread the new one into the radiator. Finally, you’ll need to unscrew the handle from the top of the radiator valves and loosen the packing nut that holds the valve stem. Wrap graphite packing around the valve stem and put the packing nut back into place.


Now turn up the thermostat, sit back, and enjoy the silence!


Need help fixing the problem? Give the expert heating specialists at Uptown a call. We’ll gladly stop by to assist.

Radiator Replacement, Repairs and Upgrades in the Twin Cities


It may be time to pay some attention to the piece of equipment that actually heats your home - the radiators. If you’re looking to repair, replace or upgrade your old, inefficient radiators in Minneapolis - St. Paul, consider an expert boiler and radiator solution from Uptown.

Whether you want a more traditional look, or the latest and great we’ve got your covered:

  • Traditional Radiators: These have the advantage of matching the style of many older homes.

  • Flat Panel Radiators: More modern flat panel radiators give off more heat, and are more efficient.

Once you decide on the type, we’ll get your new heating equipment installed right away. At Uptown Heating, we're fully licensed and insured and all our technicians receive ongoing training to provide you with the best in quality workmanship when installing your new radiator system. Not to mention, we provide you with upfront pricing so you’ll know the entire cost of the project before we begin working.

Trust the experts at Uptown to provide you with an experience based professional opinion and advice on the best radiator to provide the perfect heating solution for your home.  We have been operating since 1914 - that’s over 100 years!

For expert installations, repairs and advice on your radiator needs across Minneapolis - St. Paul, call and speak with the radiator experts at Uptown Heating today.

Common Old Home Problems In Minneapolis


Do you live in an older Minneapolis or St. Paul home? While they have plenty of benefits, not to mention their splendid charm, they can also have a number of problems. While building codes are changing and updating constantly, a great deal of older homes are left in the Dark Ages. See below to find out a few of the most common old home problems:


Lead Paint


If your home was built before 1978, chances are pretty high that lead paint was used. How can you be sure? Well, it’s impossible to detect lead paint just by looking at so detection isn’t so easy. One telltale sign is if the paint on your walls starts chipping or peeling. You’ll want to hire a removal team immediately as lead paint chips are poisonous - especially if you have young children or pets.


Is Your Nest Properly Padded?

Many older homes have very little insulation, if any at all. This can leave you shivering in the winter, sweating in the summer and paying astronomically high energy bills. Adding insulation to your older home can help alleviate these issues and restore your home to the comfort levels you desire.


Leaky Windows, Doors and Electrical Outlets


In addition to poor insulation inside your home, older homes typically have leaky windows, doors and outlets. Poor quality windows, cracked frames and gaps can all be contributing to a monstrous energy bill. Adding weather stripping around doors and windows can be a quick fix, but it’s only temporary.

For permanent solutions to these problems, you’ll want to call on a professional. The expert technicians at Uptown can help resolve these problems in your old home. Give us a call today at 612-424-4611 to schedule an appointment.

Hang Tight Minnesotans, Winter Is Almost Over!


We have been highlighting ways to save on your heating bill all winter long, but in case you missed them we put together a few more tips. Keep your head up Minnesotans, there’s only a few more weeks of winter!

Don’t Turn It Off

You may have a tendency to turn your heat off whenever you can. While it may save you a few dollars, this could lead to freezing pipes. Instead, turn it down 7 to 10 degrees when you leave your home or when you go to sleep. This can help shave up to 10% off your yearly heating bill.


Does Your Nest Have Enough Padding?

An inadequately insulated home can be costing you a fortune. Focus on the attic because it’s the main passageway for heat to escape.


Adjust To The Weather

Did you know that every time your boiler kicks on it could fire to 180℉? You only need this to happen when it’s zero degrees outside. You can install a weather-sensitive system that adjusts to the actual temperature outside, which will save you money when the temperature isn’t as frigid.

For more information, give Uptown Plumbing, Heating and Cooling a call at 651-315-7510. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest plumbing and heating tips!